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This is the page you will see every time you login to Maxumi.

On this page I will post updates and important information. Only Maxumi staff can access this page. Please read this page and then scroll down and click “Proceed” to access the dashboard.

Ladies and Gents, if this section of the site stops working or you encounter problems I need to know about it. I don’t see this page when I login, only contributors do, it’s my way of communicating with you and giving you updates. So if anything breaks or isn’t working when you login, I need to know about it – thanks!


New site.

  • Forum removed. Nobody was using it and it turns out that the forum was causing a lot of the technical issues. So it’s been ditched.
  • New design. Hopefully this will be more popular. Read more here. Still got some stuff to update but it’s basically there.
  • You can now publish your posts yourself.

For the new website it’s very important you set a Featured Image for your posts. This is the image displayed on the frontpage. There is a button on the right hand side of the create post page that lets you do this.

I’m also looking at maybe having a page with all the contributors on it – if you think that’s a cool idea let me know.

Eleonora Cutaia – Exclusive Interview

Things you need to know!

  • Pictures – Set Featured Image. It’s really important that you select appropriate images to accompany the writing. Any picture you include must be high quality and if the picture is copyrighted please remember to credit the owner, a simply Copyright symbol with their name as the caption will do. Also please ensure that pictures do not exceed a maximum width of 600pixels. If you ever conduct an interview, please liaise with the PR company to licence images. Do not use any other images then the ones you have been given permission to use. Also – don’t forget to set a featured image for all posts. This includes videos. You don’t have to have a featured image actually in the post :)

  • Preview your posts!

  • Line breaks. We use a plugin that forces linebreaks, this is because by default WordPress does not keep any linebreaks you insert, which can mess up posts. The downshot is, sometimes the plugin gets too “linebreak happy” and you’ll occasionally find there’s big gaps in your text. To fix this, go into your HTML view and remove the offending  tags.

Adding Videos, Soundcloud etc

To add any videos or music elements, simply paste the embed codes into the HTML view. Remember to use Youtube video embed codes with a maximum width of 600pixels.

Getting Maximum Exposure

There’s no point publishing your posts and not showing them to people. We already have strong traffic but you should promote your own posts and also help promote the site as a whole. Don’t forget to make sure you join our Facebook and invite everybody you know. Just search for “Maxumi Magazine”.

If you have Twitter that would also be advantageous, our Twitter is

Don’t forget to use the Tags field to enter lots of relevant tags into your post. These are critically important for Google indexing. Good tagging can get your page onto the first page of Google in just a couple of hours.

Remember, the more we publicise and promote the site and your content, the more exposure your work will get. Maxumi is already gaining serious media attention and we’d like this to continue.

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