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Opinion – Why DJ technology advances such as auto-sync won’t change a thing

September 6, 2012

Amateur DJs and EDM fans are up in arms, the new version of the Pioneer CDJ2000 contains an auto-sync button, potentially eliminating the need to manually beat match. Here’s a selection of comments posted up on the Facebook page for Toolroom records regarding the device: “Sync button…WTF!!! Djing is dead! Everybody become dj!!!I’m a dj,I… View Article


Morning After the Night Before

February 13, 2011

It’s not often I just “write” for the site, it’s usually a review, interview or release of some sort. So today I thought it would be refreshing to actually…er, write. Last night I went to Hospitality at Digital in Brighton. Drum and Bass and Dubstep are not my most favoured genres of electronic music but they definitely have their… View Article

A message from the editor

September 11, 2010

It’s easy for people who don’t know, or who did but have since forgotten, to get the impression that this site is a huge, commercial publishing platform. The fact is, although we have always aimed to push for a professional magazine-site rather than a more personal blog, what keeps this site going is personal love… View Article

Festival Value for Money

April 21, 2010

We were wondering with friends the other day about which festival, primarily an EDM festival, offers the best value for money. So here is a great visual diagram for you that compares Exit, Snowbombing, Creamfields, Global Gathering and Glastonbury. Yes, we know Snowbombing and Glastonbury are not exclusively EDM festivals, but both feature strong dance… View Article


Commercialism? You can have the shirts off our backs first.

April 16, 2010

What about us? The most challenging aspect of running Maxumi is staying true to our roots and sticking out to achieve what we set out when it all began. Looking through the site, we’re aware that maybe, just maybe, we haven’t quite stuck to our guns. We’re a bit red-faced about this, we’ve tried hard… View Article

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The Future of Dance Music Technology

January 22, 2010

We look at how technology could change the face of dance music and whether it’s something to be looked forward to or dreaded… Ever since Technics 1210s kicked off their own revolution, dj’ing has stopped being the hobby of the elite rich few and instead opened itself up to the masses. In modern day 2010,… View Article