Interview: Acid Mondays

Written by Larissa Wignall

November 18, 2013 10:52 am


Glistening with intrigue and mystery, this duo are a rare and remarkable combination who have recently made Ibiza their full time home. Acid Mondays have been partying, DJing and working on the spectacular island since the late nineties and their music translates the Iberian summer time vibes that are so vivid and enchanting during the hot season.

Circus and Cafe Mambo resident Alex Wolfenden and Wax:On producer Negghead will be swooping in to Britain this Easter to give the country a nice warm cuddle and a bit of hope that summer is on its way. Starting proceedings off at The Egg, London, the lads will be joining Yousef and Robert Babicz on the 29th March, followed by a second show in Liverpool on the 31st. We chat to them about life in Ibiza, their upcoming shows and a very intriguing quest…

We kind of know where your name “Acid Monday” derives from, but for the Ibiza virgins out there, would you mind filling us in about what happens on a Monday in some of the clubs in Ibiza.


Well theres obviously lots of different night with different vibes on every night of the week in Ibiza but for us on Mondays its all about DC10 followed by Cocoon then the after party. DC10 was our fav club to visit last summer, the lineups and the vibe there were great. Cocoon wasn’t as buzzing last year as it has been the last 5 or so years but like in life everything goes in cycles and with DJ’s such Villalobos, Zip, Tobi Neumann & Raresh etc its still one of the most forward thinking nights musically

It’s a pretty cool name with a great back-story, when you were thinking of names for yourselves, were there any others in the pot?

Not really, we didn’t even sit there trying to think up that name its just came about naturally (which is always the best way). We’ve been making music together under various different names for over 10 years now and we’d been thinking about starting a new project up. At the end of one summer we put a photo album up on facebook titled ‘Acid Mondays’ and it grew from there.

It’s fair to say you’ve spent quite a bit of time in Ibiza, what is so magical about the island and would you say it has crafted you both as artists?

We’ve both been coming out here and partying since the late nineties, we’ve done loads of summer seasons and we’ve been based here full time for a few years now so its obviously had a massive effect on both our lives.

As anyone who’s been here or lives here will tell you, Ibiza’s a very special place. It can be quite extreme and polarizing for some people as it magnifies whatever you’re experiencing here. If you can get in sync with the place though you can do amazing things here.

Musically speaking its had a massive effect on us, we’ve both been able to DJ & party regularly at some of the best clubs and parties in the world. To be able to pop out for an hour or 2 to clubs like Dc10 just have a listen to some tunes is a great source of inspiration

You’ll be heading over to the UK for Circus London and Circus Liverpool Easter parties. Having played at both clubs before, are you excited to be coming back and what can we be expecting when you land?

Yeah we’re really excited about both parties, it’s our second time at Circus London so we’re really looking forward that and Circus Liverpool never fails to deliver. As always will be bringing our usual array of vinyl and loads of fresh new beats that we’ve made recently

We see you’re part of the Circus Recordings family who are putting on the Easter show at Camp and Furnace alongside Maceo Plex, Maya Jane Coles and Steve Lawler. Have you played with any of the line-up before?

We’ve played with all those guys before as individuals but not as Acid Mondays so we’re really looking forward to that. Also the Martinez Bros will be there, they’re part of our little BBQ crew during the summer so will be great to hook up with them again

Following Laurent Garnier’s Instagram snap of your CD last year, how did your track “El Recorrido” (that he enjoyed so much) go down when it was released in January?

Yeah it went down really well thanks!! Mixmag made it there tune of the week, we’ve had a lot of good feedback on it from getting played at cocoon closing and supported buy such a cross section of dj’s from soul heads to minimal and we think its pretty much sold out on vinyl which is a great for feeling for us.

As you both enjoy the enigmatic journeys of inner and outer space, we hear one of you is thinking of going one step further and is on a quest to make it into actual space. Tell us a bit more about that!

(Alex) I have entered a competition to win a trip to space which is obviously a dream I have had since being a child but its just as important about daring to dream and not just settling for the norm. Thats why I entered so if you are a dreamer link me then click to vote for me X https://www.lynxapollo.com/en_GB/59314/alex-wolfenden?image=0

If you both could leave one thing floating around in space, what would they be?

Nothing there is enough junk already in space.

And finally, what else can we be expecting to hear and see from you in 2013, any big goals you want to smash?

We’ve got a great release coming up for Illusion Recordings in April, its called “Salvia Sessions EP’ and it feats a remix from Delano Smith. We’ve also got an EP for the Romanian label ‘Nilla’ coming soon, another EP for Circus, a couple of remixes for Contemporary Scarecrow, a remix for our hermano DJ Sneak and a remix for Wolfgang Haffner dropping on Timo Mass’s ‘Rockets & Ponies’ label which you can hear on Alex’s recent Cadenza podcast.


Follow the Acid Mondays here – Web / Twitter / Facebook / Soundcloud

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