fabric 68: Petre Inspirescu

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February 16, 2013 7:39 pm

Romanian producer Petre Inspirescu is the latest contributor to the Fabric series. Released on February 18th, the album is arranged exclusively from his own productions with his newfound love of classical music weaving it’s way into the album’s entirety. Here’s what he had to say when Fabric talked to him about the upcoming release…

Tell us about your musical roots and what led you to discover electronic music:

Growing up after the Romanian revolution there was a bit of a lack of information, at least in my hometown, so I had to listen to any kind of electronic music tapes I could get, from Underworld and The Prodigy to early 90s dance hits. My first live concert I went to, when I was in high school, was The Prodigy and I had to go to the capital to see them perform. So I guess it was an adventure all the time to be able to listen to the music you like. I took the decision 13 years ago to start making a career from music, particularly from DJing at that time. As a vinyl lover it was difficult because there were no record shops in Romania and no internet market developed at that time, so I always had to travel by train, sometimes for 24 hours, to Prague or Budapest to buy music. But I like to travel and to explore so I was very excited every time I went.

When did you first start producing?

After some time, I felt the need to try to organize my own creative process and started experiencing producing my own music. It took a while to gather the equipment I had wanted for many years, but in the meantime I was working with every machine I had collected, exploring them as much as I could and learning from them. Then the time for a label inevitably came, as many unexpected label experiences occurred, and we [Pedro, along with fellow Romanians Raresh and Rhadoo] created the Arpiar record label, a platform for our music desires. Not long ago, I also began to be very attracted to classical music, studying it more and more and implementing it into dance music. Besides that I am working on purely classical compositions. I created a new platform for the classical projects, Yojik ConCon Records, which slowly became a Cultural Association, promoting other arts as well, painting and photography.

What was your first experience of Fabric like?

My first fabric experience as a visitor was actually my first time playing there, about 4 years ago, if I’m not mistaken. I played with Luciano and it was a great night! I knew all the stories behind it, that it has one of the best sound systems and it was an extraordinary feeling to be so ‘close to the sound’ (probably a small detail for some people) and to be able to offer people a different experience every time, because this can entirely change the perception for both sides, the crowd and the DJ or performer. Since then, I’ve been invited once in a while, and I also had this privilege to prepare this mix for fabric’s series.

What can we expect from the mix?

I recorded the mix at home and arranged only from my own productions, as I wanted to try to offer a more classical touch to the music I make for the dancefloor and to present it to people. Some of the songs were recorded more than one year ago, maybe two, and some recently. The songs include recordings with a trio (violin, cello, piano) in my studio, other instruments, voice (soprano) and modular sounds.

What does the future hold?

Future projects involve focusing on classical music, the new trilogy for Yojik ConCon, concerts soon, among painting exhibitions, but at the same time I am also preparing new releases for the dancefloor and a few remixes.

Fabric 68: Petre Inspirescu is released on February 18th. Click here to pre-order the album.

The launch party for fabric 68 will in Room One on Saturday 2nd March.

ROOM ONE:Craig Richards, Petre Inspirescu, Francesco Tristano (LIVE), Cristi Cons
ROOM TWO:Terry Francis, Cosmin TRG, A Made Up Sound/ 2562
ROOM THREE:Blond:ish

For more info on the launch night go here:

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