Exclusive Interview – Jemmy

Written by Jess Heaton

January 28, 2013 1:36 pm

DJ JemmyShowing the rest of the country how we like to do it, Jemmy is one of those DJ’s that keeps dance music fresh and makes sure Liverpool is stuck firmly on the map for rich history and music culture. This well received DJ and producer is beginning to make waves in the North West and beyond with the success of his recent release “Quarry Bank” on Bedrock Records. With his already distinguished record shop 3B records and history of DJing in the city becoming more and more promising. We’re behind him every step of the way in his journey to becoming a great triumph and well known name.

Jemmy is set to play The Bedrock Warehouse event on the 9th Feb alongside John Digweed, Friendly Fires and Greg Wilson so we thought we’d find out a bit more about him.

So you’re on the line up for another off the hook Freeze night at Camp and Furnace, what is it like being apart of their truly unique events?

Every gig for them is really special for different reasons, but you can always guarantee they wont cut any corners, and it consequently will end up being a night that will stay with you for a very long time.

You played at their last event at St. Georges Hall last year, how was that for a venue to play in?!

Very surreal, such a beautiful place.. I’ve been in a few times before, but the way they set everything up in there worked so well.

You’ll be DJing alongside one of the Bedrock chief’s John Digweed, how does it feel being apart of the Bedrock family and playing under their name?

Means a lot to me, I’ve always been a huge fan of Bedrock, it was one of the reasons I got into electronic music, so it’s a great honour.

We’ve heard you’re good friends with John, how did this come about and what’s it’s like working with a DJ of his stature?

Yeah I’ve known John for a long time, he’s a really nice guy, down to earth… He works hard tracking down new music and spends a lot of his time looking for those secret gems.

Your track ‘Quarry Bank’ was released on Bedrock Records last October, how was this received? Any plans for releases in the future?

Yeah it got a great reaction, really pleased with how it went… I’ve got a second release with Bedrock in December too, on the ‘Live in London’ album. Which is great. I’m just in the middle of remixing 2 tracks at the moment actually, and there will be some originals of mine coming out soon too… I can’t give you any more info other than that at the moment, but just keep your eyes peeled… I can’t wait for them to get out there.

You’ve just been featured on John’s Transitions radio show, what was it like doing that? Must have been exciting.

Yeah it was really exciting, I’m a big fan of the show, so I spent a long time working on the guest mix.. The feedback has been really good so far.

You run the record shop 3B Records in Liverpool, with the recent news of HMV going into administration, does this make you fearful for what the future holds for Vinyl… Or do you think as CD’s become more disposable, Vinyl becomes more of a sought after item?

I was really sad to hear the news about them going into administration, hopefully someone will step in and save them.. but what we do and what they do are two completely different things really, we’re a specialist shop focusing on underground electronic music, but we are certainly seeing that drop in cd sales and increase in vinyl sales, so I reckon there might be a lot of truth in what you’re saying.

As a man born and bred in Liverpool, what’s the best thing about the city in regards to the music industry?

I think the fact that we have such a rich history of music, and so many events on by the week pushing new exciting artists, is amazing considering the size of the city.. We certainly punch above our weight in that sense.

You have a residency at one of Liverpool’s biggest clubs, Cream. What’s it like being apart of such a world-renowned venue for dance history?

I love it, Cream has always been a huge part of my life, they nail every show, they’re all huge and varied musically from room to room/arena to arena… which is important, and something that they have always done.

In regards to personal goals, what’s coming up for Jemmy in 2013?

I’m on a bit of a run in the studio at the moment, so I want to focus a lot of my attention on that… And the bookings are starting to come in nicely now too, so there will be some really good gigs to look forward to.

Obvious question alert, but in an ideal world, where would you like to be a year from now? Any aspirations you’d like to conquer in the year of superstition?

I had such a great year in 2012, so just picking things up from where I left off there, and to have had quite a few more releases under my belt too.. But I’m really happy at the moment, I recently got engaged to Angela, so every day’s a good day.

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