Exclusive Interview with ANiMAL

Written by Larissa Wignall

December 19, 2012 11:18 pm


As we say farewell to 2012, we leave you with a taste of what talent is arising in the New Year. With music becoming more diverse and the mixture of genre’s becoming more inventive and original, this innovative threesome are bringing something new to the table and are challenging all of music’s rules. Pete, Tom and Andy are from the new live bass music act called ANiMAL whose style blends between Dubstep, Electro, Drum and Bass, Drum Step and Hip Hop. After just completing their first UK tour supporting The Black out, we talk to them about life on the road, their new EP and future ambitions.

Interview by Jess Heaton

Hi Guys, how are you all first of all?

We are good. Just waiting to see if we are going to 360 our car in this black ice between now and March.

It’s been quite a whirl wind from when you formed in 2011, what has been an ultimate highlight for Animal so far?

There has been a lot of stuff happen over a really short period. But the biggest highlight has been playing at The Forum in Kentish Town and being joined on stage by Larry Love. We grew up watching bands and going to raves in that place and it felt like we might just about die slightly more satisfied. Or at least there was a glimmer of a white flag in the ANiMAL war zone for a moment.

As well as performing a three piece band consisting of drums, guitars, vocals and your laptop, you also DJ and have appeared on Modestep Radio, have done guest mixes for Mista Jam for Radio 1Xtra and on The Remix Show for XFM. How would you say it differentiates DJing to playing as a band?

When you DJ you can experiment a lot harder with beats that you have cooked up that day or with tunes that you have discovered the night before. We always go into DJ shows and sets with no set list planned! With the band there is a lot more connection with the room and the crowd. Its kind of like inserting all your energy into a unique moment and then discovering whether the room is with you or against you. Either way its going to memorable!

ANiMAL If you could describe your music in three words, how would you express it?

Bass Riddled Fear.

So tell me about your mini tour that you’ve just undertaken all over the UK, where you supported The Blackout. What would be a typical day for when you guys were on tour?

Pete takes a 16 mile run every morning and then smokes heavily and avoids sound checks and being in the venue.. Tom gets scraped up from wherever the party finished and wears his headphones until sound check and Andy is usually in front of his computer making videos.

‘I Am Fire’ is your debut single which has been released this December, what’s the most exciting thing about releasing a single and where did the idea come from for the single?

Its released on 2 Much Bass Records. I remember looking at that label like a year ago and wishing we could get a release on it. So to suddenly have that happen is amazing! The song itself is just a mix of screaming male vocals and four to the floor mayhem with some awesome female vocals so we don’t scare the shit out of everyone completely.

ANiMAL You’re set to be playing in Belgium and Luxembourg in 2013. Will this be the beginning of more international touring and festival appearances?

We already played more shows out of the UK than in the UK. Of course we want it to be the start of more international festivals. It’s a toss up between whether its harder to get booked onto more festivals or signing onto Job Seekers. Its probably harder to get Job Seekers right… We are playing on the Main stage with Queens Of The Stone Age though. I let out wee when I saw that.

What’s set to be going on with Animal in the New Year? Will we see more touring, DJ sets or will a compilation be on the horizon?

I am so superstitious that I can’t walk over three drains without having a panic attack and look like a rocking bobbing lunatic when I encounter a swarm of Magpies that all need to be saluted. Jinxing the future by talking about it is already giving me a twitch. I can say that I plan to get to bed tonight and say my prayers.

Lovely to speak with you Animal and the best of the luck for 2013!

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