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November 8, 2012 8:35 pm

By Jess Heaton

Working his way up the musical ladder is Norwegians own specialty; John Moss who has worked his magic all over Europe in the past few years. Scoring a residency at Ibiza’s hottest beach bar for the second year running, John has played his cards right and earned himself a very gratifying title in the dance music industry. With his latest EP released in July on Phonetic Records, he has soon become a wanted man in Europe and beyond with bookings going as far as Australia. We chat to John to see what life is like down under as he parties through the country on his one month tour, as well as seeing what 2013 might bring for this spring chicken of house music.

Hi John, how is your day firstly?

Hey there, all good thank you!

It’s fantastic that you can take some time out of your demanding schedule to talk with me.

Pleasure is all mine ;-)

So going back to the beginning, how did it start off for you and how did you end up being signed to the label; Two Point Zero?

Well it all started when I aimed on becoming a DJ 20 years ago. But I think the real path started on my first visit to Ibiza back in 2000, that was when I made my goal. Someday I was going to play on that Island! Things have been building from there really, with contacts, productions and becoming a resident in Ibiza at Bora Bora. That was when the wheels really started turning, and everything came together. So when I got the offer from TwoPointZero I was really happy, signing up with an agency like that was just what the doctor ordered!

Were you musical growing up? Did you play any instruments, were you a part of a band or has DJing always been within you?

I think DJing is the thing that has always been with me, Instruments has been a thing that’s developed in recent years, especially now that that I combine them in my production too.

You have played alongside some major names in the business of today including Avicci, Bob Sinclair, Dimitri from Paris, ATFC, Tim Deluxe and Pete Gooding, amongst others. Which of these Artists are you most inspired by and which tracks of theirs are your favourite track list?

I think I´m a bit inspired by all of them as they all have their special quality’s! In regards to tracks, let’s start from the top… Avicii’s remake of ‘Feelings’ and ‘Levels’ has got to be number 1, he made a strong hook line there. I love Bob Sinclare’s old stuff, spanning from ‘Champ Elysses’ to ‘Save Our Soul’ and especially his Africanism volumes. For Dimitri, it has to be his Playboy mansion compilations, and ATFC… Without a doubt ‘Bad Habit’. Tim Deluxe is ‘Just Won’t Do’ and I’m going to have to say for Pete Gooding, my favourite is the remix we did together with Christian Sol for Hool and Bruckheimer – In The Beginning ;-)

You are a Bora Bora resident… What do you love about working on one of Ibiza’s busiest beaches and do you get much time off when in Ibiza to sample the nightlife?

Well being a Bora Bora resident is hectic, but I always get some time to sample the nightlife, I find the clubs and music a good source of inspiration.

What’s your favourite Ibiza nightclub and do you think any other nightclubs in the world are on par with the line-ups and venues there?

I have to say, Space, Pacha and Amnesia are my favourite clubs in Ibiza, but I always enjoy going to Priviliege as well. It has that Balearic vibe that I really like.

What are your most favoured tracks that you drop in your DJ sets?

Well my sets are a cross over between house and EDM but some my favourite tracks I drop in my sets at moment are; D.Ramirez 2012 remix of Sunshine by Tomaz and Filderheadz, DJ Chus remix of Dare by Michael Maze and Deveraux, Lars Van Dalen – DOB, Nic Fanciulli remix of Circus Act by Stacey Pullen and off course my own track feat Easton Davis – Dance To My Beat. A couple I enjoy playing from more of the EDM side of things are; Yeah by Steve Angello, Lights by Third Party and Steve Angello, two tracks off my upcoming release called ‘Midnight Sun’ and ‘Blockbuster’. The Aston Shuffle vs. Tommy Trash – Sunrise and Iron by Nicky Romero. I know it’s been played a lot, but still.

So tell me about your Australian tour, where will you be touring and what venues are you most excited about playing at?

I’m going to visit all the major cities in Australia, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, But I’m really exited about the whole tour. I have to admit I`m really looking forward to the venues is Melbourne and Sydney though.

Other than working in Australia what else will you be getting up to? Will you be soaking up the Australian summer sun?

It´s my first time down under, so I want to see as much as possible and get a feel of the Aussie culture! But indeed I’ll be soaking up some sun as well, I have to admit I´m quite a beach boy!

What are your plans after the tour, will you be releasing new material in 2013 or will you continue touring? If so, do you have any confirmed dates?

A bit of both actually, there’s new releases on the way in 2013, but also a compilation that I`m very exited about. That will be released on Phonetic records, the same label I released by last EP on.

Check out John Moss’ Soundcloud:

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