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Exclusive – Cazzette Interview

Written by Michael

October 23, 2012 2:09 pm

A relatively short while ago, a man working for At Night Management introduced the world to a little known Swedish producer called Tim Berg. Berg adopted the name Avicii and shortly after being exclusively interviewed by yours truly, went on to become a global phenomenon. In fact, many would say Avicii is currently the most in demand DJ on the planet. It was almost surprising he didn’t nab the Top 100 DJs spot, although he did manage a certainly credible number 6.

That man was Ash Pournouri, and Pournouri is clearly not one to rest on his laurels as he is now working hard to project Swedish house duo Cazzette into the limelight. Cazzette are much like Avicii – they’re young, Swedish, and brimming with talent. With their debut Strictly compilation due out any day now, it was clearly high time for a catch up and to see exactly what all the fuss is about – before they get too big and famous to talk to us!

Cazzette interview

Firstly, this will be your first Strictly compilation. It looks immense. How does it feel to be following in the footsteps of somebody such as Avicii?

It feels great! We’re so excited about all the things that are coming out soon! And to follow his footsteps doesn’t seem like a bad idea but we’re signed to the same management so trust them 120%!

With the compilation, what did you aim to bring to the table and achieve?

We wanted to create a fresh mix between house classics and new hits. Also we wanted to make something more than just a mixed CD and that’s why we decided to make a few exclusive remixes just for the CD which was a lot of fun. Looking back on it I think that we achieved what we aimed for.

Sweden seems to be showing no signs of slowing down in producing incredible talent. How would you describe what’s going on over there at the moment?

It’s pretty hard to tell for us since we don’t spend that much time at home any more but we won’t deny the fact the a lot of talent comes out of our country. This whole house scene is still growing everywhere even though 2011 was a great all year around!

Alex, we hear you make a “killer” mushroom sauce. Apart from DJ’ing and producing, what are you both good at and enjoy?

Alex: Haha yes I love cooking and I never do it while we tour so when I get back home I like to cook for friends and family.

Seb: If we overlook the fact that I am Gordon Ramsey compared to Alex in the kitchen I think I’m really good at video games.

You’re being managed by Ash Pournouri, who also manages Tim. Managers often seem the unsung heroes behind DJs and producers, so how would you describe your
relationship with Ash, and how pivotal is he to your success?

We would not be anywhere without Ash. He’s been with us since day one and he even came up with the whole concept of CAZZETTE. We see Ash almost as a third producer and it’s great to have an “external brain” that listens to our music in a way we don’t. It’s great because we can bounce ideas back and forth until all three of us are happy with the result. To us he is what a manager should be and more. A part of the group and part of our team together with the rest of the At Night family.

Cazzette interview

How long have you two been working together, and how did the partnership come about?

We met online actually 6 months before CAZZETTE was “formed”. We instantly had a great workflow so we decided to give ourselves a proper shot at a musical career. That’s when Sebastian contacted Ash via e-mail after hearing about him in Avicii’s interviews. He replied fast and from then on it’s been a fun ride! Thank god for the internet!

Your sound has been described as a fusion of dubstep and house. How did you decide which specific parts of each genre best fitted together? How long and hard was it to experiment and find that perfect harmony between the two?

Ash suggested that we should try to combine the two genres pretty early on in the formation of CAZZETTE. All three of us are fans of dub-step and house so it seemed like a cool idea. We then started our way towards Dub-House. It’s hard to say exactly when we found our sound since I still think that we’re looking for it. We love to experiment and try out different genres so maybe we will look back on our Dub-House tracks one day and see it as an era of CAZZETTE. I’d like to think that we can do more than just one genre. Our album is out in three parts starting November 13 and there you will hear how we still experiment and bring in a fresh take on EDM.

A boring question (for me) but one the fans always love to know – what equipment do you use when DJ’ing and producing?

We use FL + Laptops for production and Pioneer CDJ-2000’s + DJM-1000 for DJ’ing.

Apart from working with Avicii, who else can we possibly expect to see you collaborate with? Who would you love to perform with?

We haven’t really worked together with Avicii besides touring and remixing some of his tracks. We have a few vocalist collaborations on the album which turned out GREAT.

It’s pretty tricky to perform back to back with other DJs since we already are two guys on stage but we are pretty open-minded. I think that some of the most fun you can have are the back to back sets at the after parties when everyone is just relaxing and having fun. However we would like to collaborate with a vocalist on stage from another genre. We might be working on it ;).

Lastly, we expect and hope to see you touring next year. Any potential dates or festivals or club nights we’d love to know about?

We’ll be putting together a tour with the album as soon as it’s released so hopefully reaching all continents in the world.


The Maxumi review of CAZZETTE’s new Strictly Rhythm Compilation is coming up!

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