Labrinth – Express Yourself

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Synthpop Syco

It’s impossible to ignore Labrinth. The only artist on Simon Cowell’s Syco label not related to X-Factor, Labrinths meteoric rise to stardom has been projected not just by Syco’s power but by his own undeniable talent of fusing tech-beats with hip hop and grime. Express Yourself is a synth pop tune, and like a lot of Labrinth tunes seems quite under-whelming on first impressions. But, like those that preceded it, it does grow on you, and Labrinth cannot be accused of pandering to the mainstream, despite his attachment to a very mainstream label.

It also further demonstrates Labrinth’s Kanye West like ability to make cracking use of samples that pay homage to their originators whilst forming the basis for inventive new tunes.

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