Exclusive- Maribou State Interview

Written by Anna Jenkins

May 10, 2012 12:38 pm

 Maxumi would like to introduce duo Maribou State. From bass to tropical beats, Maribou State’s noise is fastly erupting onto our playlists. Set to delight the crowds this summer, their garage undertones and eerie, playful vibes are taking the underground by storm. Having already received recognition from the likes of Norman Cook, these boys are ones to watch out for this year. Anna Jenkins caught up with the boys to talk Lana, Mr Cook and the influences behind their latest video for EP ‘Olivia’.

First of all, really like the name. Can you explain?

Thank you. There isn’t really too much of a story behind it to be honest. I happened to be a reading a book called ‘Marabou Stork Nightmares’ at the time, kind of just stemmed from that. We were stuck at the time for a name and simply liked the sound of it, so we adapted it

When did you start to produce together and start working as a duo? When did you recognise each others similar tastes?

We started working together as a duo just before last summer because we both lived together in Leeds. So we would be going out to all the same nights and sharing the same music etc. So i guess it just came from there.

You have recently just joined Southern Fried and are set to release some new E.P’s, What is the rest of 2012 looking like for Maribou State?

Yep. Got 2 E.P’s set for release with Southern over the summer. Then we have a project on the go with a producer called Pedesterian which we have a few vocalists featuring on. Really excited about that project, as it’s veering away from our usual sound. by bringing in a lot more organic elements and creating a more ‘home listening’ vibe. 

So we hear you have received support from the likes of MJ Cole and Cook! Exciting stuff. What was it like to receive such great recognition from such a reputable names within the industry?

Yep its really great. I mean its a great feeling when anyone says they are into your music, so getting support from big names in the industry is extremely flattering.

Really liking the video for your EP Olivia. What inspired the darkness of it? 

Well we teamed up with some good friends of ours from a theatre company called Lissom Lilt, and a production company called AMP Films. Lissom Lilt developed the narrative that was kind of connected to a play they had previously written, then pretty much winged the rest of it on the day – which was amazingly impressive. We never really planned for it to look that dark, but as we carried on filming it just sort of went in that direction

I’ve also had a listen to your remix of Lana Del Ray’s Blue Jeans and fell in love with the sound. Would you guys ever float towards collaboration with any major artists possibly on Southern Fried? Who would you love to produce with or do you guys like to stick to your own roots?

Yeah, we actually have a collaboration on one of the next Southern Fried E.P’s with Groove Armada’s vocalist Becky Jones, who is now writing some amazing music as a solo artist called Saint Saviour. There are a lot of people out there we would like to work with. We are always keen to branch out, as you learn so much from working with other people. I’m sure there will be a lot of collaborations still to come.

What other outside interests influence your particular style of music?
Being at festivals, out with friends, summertime, anything mood lifting really influences the music we make. 

You most recently played XOYO with Deadboy in London last weekend, any other hot spots you guys like to play in London? Any secret locations?

We always love playing at Corsica Studio’s. Cable is also a good club to play.

Where would be your dream place to play?

Burning man. Or the Arcadia Stage at Glastonbury just for the surreal experience.

Maxumi is based in Brighton, have you guys played here before? If so, where? and what do you think of the city?

We have actually, but not as Maribou State. We played at Audio but the night was so empty that it was shut down! Aside from that, I absolutely love Brighton. Would love to move down there one day.

What are your top 3 favourite records circulating right now?

  • Hint – Aliens Feat T Fly
  • Shlohmo – Rained the whole time (Nicolas Jaar remix)
  • Polica – Lay Your Cards Out

We see your playing a few festivals this summer like Farr and Glade. Any in particular you’re looking forward to?

Really exited for Secret Garden Party. We have never been before but have heard so many good things. Plus we are hopefully going to have a few live featuring performances for that show.

Any great festival memories you guys fancy sharing?

Glastonbury 2010 was pretty nuts. We got snuck in, in the back of some Irish man’s van. Then Half way through our set the generator blew up and all the guys that were running the tent we far to mashed on Acid to deal with the situation. The rest of the festival was unbelievably hot which resulted in one serious case of sun stroke but some of the best memories to date.

Check out one of Maribou States latest mixes here:   

And the video for their latest EP ‘Olivia’ in collaboration with AMP Films & Lissom Lilt:

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