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Written by Michael

April 2, 2012 9:53 am

scarlett etienne interviewIn between hanging out with Nicole Scherzinger at the Malaysian Grand Prix, performing shows around the globe, running a fashion and music label as well as producing her own music, this multi-talented DJ somehow managed to make time to tell us all about what she has been up to.

Etienne has clearly worked extremely hard over the last few years to carve out a name for herself in the underground house scene, with her mixing talents and producing prowess earning her fans and support from around the world, including from superstar names such as Felix Da Housecat who recently exclaimed “u killed it”.

You’re truly multi-talented, with pretty much every toe and finger dipped into a different adventure. With so much going on for you, how on earth do you manage to stay organised and keep everything under control – or is your life a completely mad mess?

Thanks. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay organised when you’re living out of a suitcase, but I like to refer to disaster as “artistic revolution”, so it’s all good

You’re a big F1 fan and you DJ’d last year at an F1 party. Who are you tipping for 2012s championship, and is there the possibility of you performing again for the sport?

I’m a McLaren fan, and I hope Jenson Button wins this year…but I’m also a good sport and appreciate the talents of many of the drivers from other teams. I’ve recently performed in Kuala Lumpur for the BMW event during the Formula One Malaysia. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Paddock pass, and also got the opportunity to watch the beginning of the race in the Red Bull Racing garage, right smack in-between Vettel and Webber. One of the most exhilarating experiences of my life! I feel quite passionately about the F1 sport, and hope to DJ on the whole circuit one day.

scarlett etienne interview

Your schedule for the next few weeks includes dates in London, Romania, Malaysia, Thailand – to name but a few of your destinations. How does it feel to be performing so regularly, and how do you keep yourself fresh after long flights and (probably) lengthy spells in departure lounges?

I’m quite healthy! I do loads of Bikram Yoga, eat healthy, and get a lot of sleep. I do love my Mezcal, so I have to keep a healthy balance. The occasional Vitamin B-12 injection also helps.

We’ve also noticed you have some involvement with the fashion industry, this seems to be quite common with female DJs, do you find the two industries fit well together? How would you describe your involvement with fashion, besides DJ’ing at fashion events?

Absolutely. I have a small fashion label called House of Starlett, I originally began designing things I could wear to my DJ gigs, and having them hand-made in London…I would then girls coming up to me after my shows, asking me where they could buy the outfits from! So I started my little fashion label. Fashion design is another way of artistically expressing myself, which compliments the music.

How do your other interests affect your music style and your DJ’ing? Do you find inspiration outside of music that influences your sets?

I live in London, the most cultural city in the world. I love going to museums like the Tate Modern and soaking up inspiration. The city itself also inspires me. I can often be found riding my Vespa on a sunny day in London, with no particular destination.

We also hear that sometimes your sets involve elements of life performance. Can you tell us more about this? Will this start to become a more frequent occurrence?

I’m a musician first and foremost. I have been experimenting with different elements of live performance, whether it be singing live with dancers, or using Native Instruments Guitar Rig in my sets. It’s great to have the DJ gigs as a platform to discover different ways I’d like to perform my live material.

My pop, vocal project is called Scarlett and the Pixels. The album is under way. My inspiration for this project is drawn from strong, vampy women like Siouxsie Sioux, Madonna, and L7.

Tell us about your label. Are there any exciting artists you’re looking to involve? Are there ideas in the pipeline for events or releases?

I started Starlett as a means to release my own music without having to wait for bigger labels to release.

It’s a small independent venture, and it’s just about my friends and I making music and doing remixes for each other. I hope to release music on my favourite labels this year.

Can we cross our fingers and hope to see you performing in Brighton some time this year? We think you’d love it.

Absolutely! I’d love to return. Brighton reminds me a lot of San Francisco, it’s a beautiful city.


We hope to see a lot more of Scarlett in 2012. Check out her music over at and follow her on Facebook.

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