Exclusive – Jupiter Ace Interview

Written by Michael

February 22, 2012 8:18 pm

On 14th February, Irish house music supremo, Jupiter Ace, will unleash his brand new label “Big Vision”, a joint venture with seminal house label, Strictly Rhythm, aiming to inject new blood into the electronic music scene.

‘Wheel Of Life’ is proof that Jupiter Ace knows exactly what the biggest dancefloors out there want to hear right now. This huge track features a massive synth riff, with a distinctive sound that sets Jupiter Ace apart from the pack and which will stay with you long after your night has ended.

We caught up with Jupiter for this exclusive interview to find out more about this exciting new project.

How would you describe your career so far? When did you start producing?

I would describe my career so far as rewarding, exciting, challenging, surprising and addictive. I started making electronic music about 12 years ago, and caught the house music bug a few years after that.

We hear you’ve been away for a while – what have you been up to?

The main thing has been production for other artists, the biggest success there being “Dirty Talk” by Wynter Gordon which was my first No 1 (Australia). I’ve been doing plenty of remix work in the last few years as Jupiter Ace plus I’ve been involved in some non-dance music projects local to me in Northern Ireland which was

bv label jupiter ace

How did the idea for the new label come about?

It was Strictly Rhythm who approached me with the idea of doing the label as a co-venture with them. I jumped at the chance and Big Vision Records was born. It’s
great being part of the Strictly Rhythm family. They have impeccable house music credentials.

What will be the “ethos” of the new label? What style music/artists will you be working with?

The ethos of the label is pretty close to my ethos as Jupiter Ace which is to create big room tunes that are melodic but tough and most definitely electronic. Similarly, the music we’re looking for from other artists will be along those lines – so all you forward-looking talented producers, send us your future anthems.

Do you have any ideas about how you will be marketing the label to dance music fans?

It’s all about social media these days. This has really changed the game and on the one hand it means that as a producer and DJ you constantly have to keep tabs on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and maybe your own website and message boards too – which is a lot to do. However there is a massive upside to this that never existed before, which is that there is a much closer relationship now between fans and producers. I think that’s wonderful and really healthy.

Will you personally be collaborating with any artists for releases/compilations?

I’ve been talking to a few different producers about that sort of thing and I’m really excited about the possibilities. We’re still at an early stage though so I won’t say too much.

When do you expect your first release to come out?

“Wheel of Life” is out now and I’m just finishing the next release as we speak!

Is it true you’re named after an 80s computer? If so, why?

Yes, it’s true. I’m a child of the 80s and I’ve always been a bit of a computer geek. I saw the name and I just liked it. I get people now and again telling me it’s a good name which is nice.

In 12 months time what do you hope to have achieved? Both with the label and personally.

I would like Big Vision Records to have properly established itself in a year’s time, which I guess means it sitting on a level with the labels out there that I respect. In practical terms that means good chart positions and general profile. I would like to have signed some fantastic records by other producers too. I guess my goals as Jupiter Ace are very much tied in with the label as it is now my primary outlet for productions. I’m certainly looking forward to the adventure!

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