Exclusive – Foreign Concept Interview

Written by Chris Biggs

January 24, 2012 1:48 pm

We spoke with Brighton based DJ and producer Foreign Concept. After exploding onto the drum n bass scene last year with dance-floor smashers including “Mob Justice” and “Jaipur”, we talk future plans, influences and top tips for 2012.

The drum n bass scene seems to have gone through a lot of changes the past few years, with jump-up and radio friendly styles getting push into the background a bit. How do view the scene and the changes that have occurred?

I think the scene has become really healthy recently. I always thought a few years or so ago when the commercial end of drum n bass began getting a lot of radio play, that it would ultimately benefit the scene as a whole. For me personally, I think commercial stuff has a time and a place, but I also think its a good entry road into the deeper stuff. I guess people have heard the bigger tunes on the radio, and through that over time discovered other types of drum and bass. If you look for example at Enei’s latest track, its just had over 100 thousand hits on youtube, on UKF’s page. Its great to see that kind of music getting the same recognition as the “bangers” now.

You’re a relatively new name on the scene. whats it like to be working with big labels like Shogun and Critical that are at the forefront of this deeper style you mentioned?

It’s been great. They are both labels that i have always really respected so its an honour to work with them. Kasra at Critical got in touch a year or so ago after a mutual friend passed on a few of my tracks and ended up putting out my debut single earlier in the year. It’s been a real learning curve working with him, and I’ve learnt a lot about how the business of music works. I’ve just signed an album deal so will be working with them very closely in the future. It’s a great position to be in at the moment as Kasra’s ethos is “if it’s a good tune – I’ll put it out” . So I feel like I’ve got the freedom to write different types of music which is perfect for me. He’s building a solid camp there with a few other producers that I’m really into so its great to be involved. Working with shogun was wicked as well. I think having releases with those guys as well as Critical has done me a lot of favours in terms of exposure, which is what its all about when your starting out.

Apart from the album, what are your other plans for the near future?

The next release on Critical for me is my remix of Enei’s track “Obession” which will be backed by his remix of my track “Mob Justice”. Theres also two collaboration tracks due out in the next month, “True Enemies” with Anile on Commercial Suicide, and “Essential Tremor” with Kodo on Vampire Records.

I’m also working on a track with Riya for a forthcoming project of hers. And then it will my debut EP on Critical later in the year at some point.

Who are your main influences, and if given the opportunity would you most like to collaborate with?

Influence wise there’s a lot to mention. I’m really into hip hop, and I listen to as much Jazz as I can. But I try and take influence from everything really, I really like going out and seeing what kind of tracks work on a dancefloor . It’s interesting to see the change in the types of tracks that get people moving over the last few years. Within drum and bass if I could get in the studio with anyone I think it would be dBridge. He justdoesn’t make bad music!

2012 looks set to be another big year for you, and for the drum n bass scene. Who are your top recommendations and names to look out for??

Its definitely really healthy at the moment. I know Enei, Jubei and a few of the shogun guys have albums out next year so I’m looking forward to hearing those. I think Xtrah, June Miller and Skeptical will have big years again as well. Eastcolors, Villem/Mute & Mako are definitely worth keeping an eye on , they are making quality tunes at the mo. If i had to give a top recommendation for next year , its this guy called Emperor. He’s a young lad from Halifax , and I’ve heard a few of the tracks he’s writing for Critical and they are straight murder. I really think he will be one of the biggest names in underground dnb in the next few years. His production is unreal for any age let alone 19. So yeah that’s my top tip!

Catch Foreign Concept at the following UK shows over the next few months

27th Jan:Up DnB @ The Registry, Portsmouth

28th Jan: Motive @ The Volks, Brighton

3rd Feb: Technology @ Hidden, London

24th Feb, Abstractions @ The Lab, Bristol

9th March , Critical @ Life, Brighton

16th March Critical @ Fabric, London

30th Mar, Momentum @ Wire, Leeds

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