Exclusive: John Dahlbäck Interview

Written by Michael

December 13, 2011 3:14 pm

In light of his two new fantastic releases, we decided it was time to have a chat with Swedish house maestro John Dahlbäck, to find out about his record label “Mutants” and his NYE appearance down under.

There’s been a resurgence of Swedish producers and DJs in recent years that can only be described as extraordinary. What do you think about the Swedish dance music scene, and how important is its role worldwide?

The dance music scene used to be dead in Sweden for a long time, but now it has really become big and it’s probably because house music is commercial nowadays. Swedish producers and DJ have always been well known, and I guess one reason is that we learn music from early on in school and it’s easy to learn instruments here. Also, there is so much darkness in sweden, so you need to have stuff to do.

How would you describe your relationship with the other big Swedish producers such as Avicii, Swedish House Mafia etc?

We all know each other since the scene was so small a few years ago. But we don’t hang out on our free time.

You’ve just released two new singles, Grunge and Phoenix, what was the objective with these tracks?

Two completely different tracks. With Grunge, I wanted to make this cool track and an unusual riff, so i tweaked this weird guitar sort of sound and it sounded great! Phoenix however, is a more epic and progressive track with a lot of emotions.

You also founded Pickadoll Records a few years back. How has this been going for you? How much of a challenge was it compared to producing and DJ’ing?

Well, Pickadoll was run by me and a guy in germany and it was doing great. But after a couple of years I needed a clean start, so I started my new label Mutants which is doing really well at the moment. I love to run a label, to choose tracks and plan releaseschedule. And it’s not really a challenge, I find time in between DJing and producing so it’s not a problem.

You’ve remixed a wide variety of music artists from Alanis Morissette to Lady Gaga – do your choices reflect your taste in music? Are there any artists or tracks you’d love to remix in the future?

I’m really open to music, I’m a fan of both Alanis and Lady Gaga for example. So it was a big honor for me to remix them. It’s really funny to remake a track by very popular recordingartist, to get their sound mixed with mine. Coldplay would be amazing to remix.

What are your plans for NYE 2011? Are you DJ’ing?

I’m djing at this party in Australia. It’s on a small island called Magnetic Island and i’m playing with Tommy Trash so im really looking forward to it! Would be nice to get som sun aswell.

When you’re doing nothing to do with music, what else do you do?

I hang out with family and friends or play videogames, but to be honest, there isn’t much time to chill out for me.

What piece of equipment can you not live without?

My studiocomputer. Obviously.

Lastly, describe yourself in four words…

Relaxed and extremely funny.

Buy “Grunge” at Beatport
Buy “Phoenix” on Beatport
John Dahlbäck Official Website

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