Zomboy Interview

Written by Michael

November 21, 2011 8:56 pm

M) How did you come up with the name Zomboy?

Like pretty much all artists, I literally have no idea… It was most likely to do with
the fact I was a huge fan of Left For Dead and zombies where my thang!

M) Tell us something we should know about you?

I’m the least likely person you’d expect to make this kind of dirty music… Because
I don’t drink, I don’t take drugs, I am a complete clean freak and I enjoy lots of
high quality coffee!

M) How did remixing Pressure come about?

I was actually approached by an A&R man from the label Strictly Rhythm, asking
to put my own twist on the song.

M) Alex Kenji tweeted “I’m not into dubstep at all but the Zomboy remix
of pressure is literally amazing! How does that feel?

It’s such an honour to get support & compliments from other artists with a huge
reputation in other genres in the whole EDC movement (Electronic Dance Music)

M) Your mix had nearly a million plays in less than 2 weeks on youtube,
were you surprised at the reaction?

I was completely shocked in how quickly the play counts came in! I wasn’t
expecting to tip the one million marker at all. But in a way it didn’t surprise me
due to the sheer brilliance of UKF!!

M) You’re production style is already been written about music
production magazines, how would you describe your style?

Well as everybody clearly recognises (and in some peoples cases, hate?!) a huge
portion of my inspiration comes from Skrillex (as he’s the guy who attracted me
to the electro/dubstep genre). So I guess my “Style” is kind of up-beat, grotty,
grim electro-step with a touch of melody? But I let everyone else determine it as
they wish!

M) How did you get in to producing?

For many years I had been producing acoustic artists and bands, but last year,
when I came to the ACM in Guildford to study my degree in music production, I
met my house mates who encouraged me to delve into the world of electronic
music, and now after such a short time, here I am.

M) What software do you use?

If we are talking about DAWs then I am a logic man, and if we are talking about
synths/instruments all I can really say is everything Native Instruments BAR
massive! I find that Massive has become so generic and obvious in dubstep now
that I rarely use it at all! Word of advice would be to search deeper into the world
on NI and you will find some treats!

M) All producers seem to be DJing now, do you DJ, if so where can we
see you play?

This is correct, considering there is minimal money in sales anymore, being
a producer doesn’t cover the costs, which is why many producers have
become “DJs” like myself! It’s all part of the package. I’mm currently booked
up until about may next year so I will be hitting countries all over which you
can check on my facebook page for details – http://www.facebook.com/ZomboyOfficial

M) What are your plans for the future?

Well I hope to diversify into other electronic music genres, collab with some
great vocalists (cause lets face it, vengeance loops only get you so far;) bring out
another EP and some singles, do some more remixes (which will out very soon so
keep an eye out), shows, tours and much much more!

Zomboy’s mix of Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji – Pressure, released 21st
November http://bit.ly/uydeBX

Zomboy Mix on UKF: http://bit.ly/v9uHdq (1,180,155 views)

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