Exclusive: Cactus Twisters Interview

Written by Michael

August 4, 2011 3:41 pm

Hi Cactus Twisters, since the release Blue Strike would you compare it to your earlier work? 

Mister Ka: For this release on Electronic Petz, we wanted for a bit of personal touch while keeping a dancefloor spirit. We like mixing different atmospheres such dark, hypnotic or atmospheric ambiances.

Lusty Jee: At least, we tried to do it with this Blue Strike EP. We like mixing different styles to get spirit to our composition. In fact it depends also on a lot of our state of mind when we’re composing.

Maxumi would love to hear how you guys got in to creating dance music.

Mister Ka: As many electronic music producers, we are first dj’s for some years. We naturally took the direction towards production…

Lusty Jee: We met thanks to a dj’s organization. Our musical tastes of the same kind led us to get on well immediately.

What music artists have been most influential?

Mister Ka: It’s difficult to enumerate all the artists who influenced me in the world of music. For me, there are such influences with artists as James Brown, Depeche Mode, Prince, Michael Jackson, … There were also the techno wave which spread through the 90’s with artists such as Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, Mark Broom, Cristian Vogel and many more …

Lusty Jee: Actually there are still many artists who influence us a lot as Andreas Henneberg, Danilo Vigorito, Patch Park, Alessio Mereu, Kaiserdisco, Maetrik, Gui Boratto, Luciano, Richie Hawtin …

When working in the studio together, do you combine different ideas or are you both on the same wavelength?

Mister Ka: We generally begin with a mutual project. We are quite complementary and identical about our musical ideas. Sharing is important for us. Combining our musical ideas give us a lot of pleasure.

Lusty Jee: It’s a bit like a band of musicians… Everyone makes a contribution according to his tastes and influences. Functioning in duo is really enriching cause it livens up your preconceived ideas and it allows us to question and to evolute in the same direction.

What advice would you give to aspiring music producers?

Mister Ka: It’s sometimes necessary to put aside a track and to listen again to it later. Don’t hesitate also to make other people listen the tracks in different listening conditions.

Lusty Jee: The golden rule is that there is no rule ! But I think people often form their technique of composition by experience. Do believe in what you do while working with a lot of pleasure ! The most important is to work, work and work…

Dedicated dance music fans love to party all over the world, describe the club scene in Belgium. 

Mister Ka: The electronic music’s scene in Belgium is abounding since ever in talents as DJ’s as well as producers. Since many years, the belgian scene diversified even more in club scene as well as in underground scene… Lots of international artists go inevitably trough Belgium and are delighted by the public greeting which is well-known as a party people and musical expert…

Lusty Jee: Belgium is also central in Europe… Nothing but in our small region, you can join Germany,France, Holland, Luxembourg and also UK.

When are you visiting the UK?

Mister Ka: It’ll be a pleasure to discover this UK scene so full of incomparable musical culture… Our goal for 2012 is to develop a Live project. But we take our time in order to find what we really want to give to people….

Lusty Jee: We are first DJ’s and it’s always a happiness to delight people even as ephemeral in the dance floor!

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