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Six Songs You Might Not Know But Will Love Anyway

Written by Owen Kiernan

July 13, 2011 5:52 pm

In todays world we have access to a vast array of music on tap, and it is all too easy to let some great songs pass you by. Here a few favourites of mine from the past few years that you may have missed.

Silicone Soul – Feeling Blue (Soma; 2005)

Candi Staton’s “You Got The Love” must be one of the most widely used vocal samples in dance music, from the original Frankie Knuckles classic, to The Sources massive 1990’s club anthem and Florence + The Machines 2009 version, the use of “You Got The Love” is a sure-fire way to success. Quite why Scottish electronic music veterans Silicone Soul didn’t experience the same level of popularity with this 2005 song which places a sample of the aforementioned vocal over an uplifting house track is still a mystery to this day.


Mathew Jonson – Marionette (Wagon Repair; 2005)

Canadian label owner Mathew Jonson created this behemoth of a track six years ago, but only got round to releasing an album last year. Clocking in at eleven and a half minutes long, this song is perhaps the definitive minimal techno tune. Used to great effect by Richie Hawtin during his now legendary set at Sonar in 2005, Marionette is a standout slice of perfection in the often bland world of minimal.


Thom Yorke – Harrowdown Hill (The Bug Remix) (XL; 2008)

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke is a rare case of a true music visionary. Starting out during the grunge explosion of the early nineties, Yorke has constantly evolved his bands sound, in the process creating some of the greatest albums of their era. Before this years dubstep-influenced The King of Limbs, Yorke gave us a preview of the direction in which he was heading with his solo album The Eraser. This track, featured on the Japan-only Eraser Rmxs is remixed by The Bug into a hard hitting dancehall smash. With devastating amounts of low-end thunder in stark contrast to the delicacy of Yorke’s voice this is a fantastic example of how to remix a song into another style, whilst staying respectful to the original.


Clark – Growls Garden (Warp; 2009)

During the early part of the noughties many people started to complain that Warp had lost their way, straying too far from their roots and making some suspect signings such as indie group Maximo Park and actor Vincent Gallo. Then came Chris Clark, whose early releases for the label started to win fans back. This track, Growls Garden, is a heavy, complicated, synth-laden track, with just enough of a hook to appeal to ears not used to the typical Warp sound that Clark has began to make his own.


LCD Soundsystem – Throw (DFA; 2010)

Cover versions are unusual in the world of dance music, there seems to be a consensus that electronic music doesn’t lend itself well to reinterpretation or improvisation. Well, I don’t agree with that, and nor it seems does LCD Soundsystems James Murphy as he decided to put his stamp on Carl Craig’s classic Throw (recorded as Paperclip People). Whilst the original was a piece of Detroit Techno history, LCD’s version brings it up to date whilst paying homage to the disco tunes that influenced the early Detroit producers.


Panda Bear – Surfers Hymn (Actress Primitive Patterns Remix) (Kompakt; 2011)

Panda Bear is better known for his work with psychedelic indie rockers Animal Collective, but he is also an accomplished artist in his own right, having released a number of critically received albums of similarly freakish tunes. This song sees London producer Actress take the remixing reins and apply his own brand of techno-influenced dubstep (or should that be dubstep-influenced techno?) to Surfers Hymn, perfectly complementing the originals off-kilter soundscape.

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