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Written by Michael

April 13, 2011 3:26 pm

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Avicii Interview

Having ripped dance music a new…ahem, when club banger “Bromance” and vocal remix “Seek Bromance” smashed up the charts, and in anticipation of his new compilation for Strictly, we decided it was high time to catch up with Sweden’s Golden Boy Avicii. Questions by Linzi Symons, Jonathan Falgate and Michael Gunner.

What came first for you, djing or producing? Was music always your calling?

Producing. I heard about this program with which you could create music without playing any instruments from a friend of mine, so I downloaded the demo to try and do a remix of an old video game track! I have been producing almost every day since then.

At just 21 years old, your knowledge of music seems to be incredibly vast; this is highlighted by the amount of samples in your tracks from the late 70s / early 80s. Who were you influenced by? And has music been a passion of yours from a young age?

I’ve always been into music and growing up with older siblings. I’ve also had loads of different influences when it comes to my music taste. There are loads of other people that have influenced me but I think the biggest inspirations I’ve had aside from my manager has been the Swedish House Mafia guys and Eric Prydz, they were the ones who first got me into house!

Your signature sound tends to include standout piano lines. Are you a trained musician? If so,what do you play?

I wouldn’t say trained, lately I’ve started learning how to play the piano and I used to play a little guitar, but never taken any lessons or been particularly good at either. I’ve just always been in love with the piano sound and how many different vibes and emotions you can get out of it; I love how you’re able to hear all the harmonies so clearly as well.

avicii interview

What equipment do you use?

My laptop and my headphones are all I’ve been using until just recently when I got my studio! I haven’t got that much equipment in there yet though! Oh, and a private jet comes in handy, I wish!

‘Bromance’ was one of the biggest hits of 2010. Did you expect the response it received?

No! I mean I really liked the track from day one but I’ve learnt that it’s better not to expect too much and just try to go with the flow!

What has been your greatest moment since breaking through on Pete Tong’s Fast Trax competition?

Career wise I think it has to be meeting my manager Ash; without him I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am today. Experience wise I think playing Ultra mainstage was the biggest thing for me!

You’ve been dropping new track previews on your soundcloud profile recently; ‘I.D’ in particular is quite rightly getting amazing feedback so far. After the success of ‘Bromance’ last year, do you ever feel nervous or pressured when creating new tracks?

Not really! Of course, I want to please my fans as much as I can but at the end of the day if there’s something I believe in, that I really like I am going to release it. If I spend too much time worrying about what everyone else would think I would never release any tracks.

There have been quite a few rumours of late about you being involved in some exciting collaborations in the near future, who would be your dream collaboration and why?

Well, I’ve just mixed a compilation album for Strictly Rhythm: “Avicii presents Strictly Rhythm”. My manager, Ash, presented it to me and we jumped into it straight away! I had access to the Strictly Catalogue which was a lot of fun to browse through. In the album I try to mix it all up to get the best of the Strictly sound as well as the Avicii sound.
My dream collab right now would probably be with Elton John or Adele.

What have you got going on over the next few months? What’s your top dance tip for this summer?

Oh there’s loads of releases coming up in the next months, I don’t know all the details yet as Ash is the one with the master plan so not sure on what I can say and what I can’t, but there willbe a lot of stuff!
Tips for the Summer… Well the new Swedish House Mafia track will definitely be huge. Festival wise I think the biggest ones for me will be Tomorrowland in Europe and Electric Daisy Carnivaland Electric Zoo in the US!

Lastly, 4 words that you feel describe yourself…

Stubborn, Ambitious, Hardworking, Happy
“” is available now on Strictly Rhythm.

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