Kate Simko – Lights Out

Written by Michael

March 4, 2011 2:04 pm

Release Date : May 2011
For her debut solo album, ‘Lights Out,’ Kate Simko poured her heart, soul, and two summers of inspiration in Buenos Aires into one of the most impassioned and timeless electronic music albums of recent times.

A musical expedition of twists and turns, ‘Lights Out’ branches out into vast avenues of diversity with a ten-track offering that takes us on a body-moving journey of countless colors and shapes. Groovy polyrhythm’s, rich harmonies and warm analog textures weave a common thread throughout the voyage, forming a stunning and romantic display of creative emotion.

‘Lights Out’ will accompanied by Kate Simko’s upcoming live world tour, incorporating an innovative cinematic event entitled ‘Lustre’ created by intermedia artist Jeffrey Weeter. Combining Kate’s music with images from worldwide cities and collaborators, Lustre will showcase moving and still images conjured by each individual album track in a highly anticipated HD video display. ‘Lights Out’ and ‘Lustre’ is an experiment in non-linear storytelling and real time creation, bringing the excitement of live music to a cinematic experience.
“I looked at the album as an art project – an installation of ten pieces that together form their own unique being” Kate Simko
Highly lauded German label Hello? Repeat fits perfectly within Kate’s artistic outlook. Having carved their niche in the electronic music scene with rare and meticulously selected outputs since the label’s inception in 2005, they hold the reputation as a leading label in one of the most respected circles of creative and innovative dance music. Hello? Repeat is conceptual, artistic and their music and artist set speak volumes.  Bruno Pronsato, Daze Maxim, Cabanne, Audio Werner, Patrick Specke, and Half Hawaii have contributed to the labels catalogue, with ‘Lights Out’ crowning the label’s 19th release. After a contemplative break, Hello? Repeat strikes back with one of their strongest offerings to date in the shape of Kate Simko’s artful and boundary-eclipsing album.
Music has been a lifelong journey of discovery and personal expression in Kate Simko’s life.  From intense classical training, to collaborating with the Philip Glass ensemble, to scoring a feature film, Kate has always embraced all projects in their magnitude.  For the album project, Kate incorporated a number of analog synthesizers and drum machines into the mix, opening it up to an expansive arena of sound and musical creativity.  From the classic Roland 505 and 707 drums to the lush synths and bass lines of the Juno 106 and Polyevolver, Kate draws from a rich palette of sonic textures that wreak emotion and form the foundation of her thoughtful aesthetic.
Beginning with the delicate fluttering percussions on ‘Beneath’, and continuing through ‘Machine’s Mantra’s’ effortless yet hypnotic drone – lines are blurred, genres are paired, and musical visions are created. From the magnetic Chicago vibe in ‘Mind On You’, to the dark, sexy meanderings of minimal mastery in ‘Last Breath’ and ‘Bikini Atoll’, to the shuffling Perlon-influenced ‘Mira Vos’, Kate offers up an impressive cast of songs that crossover from headphone listening to ignite the dance floor. Her intricate rhythms and time-stopping harmonies offer up the perfect balance of savvy intellect and sensory pleasure.
From song to song, the journey continues and after a vivid nine theme showcase, the voyage closes with the meditative and groove ridden ‘Had It All’.  Summing up the creative emotion of ‘Lights Out’ – ‘Had It All’s’ powerful rhythms and acid synth line contrast with an aura of melancholy eeriness and vocals that are endearingly shy.  The closing song’s wide-eyed groove and powerful passion leave us at a juncture outside of genre boxes and full of inspiration.

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