ramon tapia interview strictly rhythms

Exclusive Ramon Tapia Interview

Written by Michael

December 15, 2010 9:10 am

When did you move to Antwerp? How did growing up in Belgium affect the musicyou were exposed to? Has Latin music been a big influence on you?

I moved to Antwerp to study, so I didn’t really grow up here but after school I decidedto stay here. Latin music has always been around me. My dad always had music on the radio and mostof it was Latin, so yeah the groove just got under my skin!

Apparently you have a very broad taste in music. What is meant by your “happypast in Gabba and Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones roots”!?

Gabba, I think was just something that the whole school listened to in that timehehehe, but still it’s a huge part of how it all started, and Michael Jackson and QuincyJones got played so much by my mom and sisters. Whether I liked it or not I had to listen,and I’m glad I did!

What are the top 5 tunes that have influenced the music you make now?

That’s really hard to say because there is so much but let me say some:

King Bee ‘Back By Dope Demand’Kevin Saunderson ‘Velocity Funk’X313 ‘Sentinel’

The Untouchables ‘Dance To The Rhythm’Jambo ‘Drum Attack’

How would you describe the music you make – what’s your signature “sound”?

Funky and playful.

ramon tapia interview strictly rhythmsWhat do you do that’s so different to everyone else?

If you know… then I know [winks].

You were training to be a goldsmith whilst working in a record shop. Did you everfinish your training?

Yes I did. I even worked for a company to restore rings and all different jewellery.

What made you give up on this career to pursue a career in music? Do youremember the specific moment or was it a gradual dawning that you wanted to getmore and more involved in music?

I just wanted to start to try and reach my dream to become a DJ/Producer, as this iswhere my interests were.

When did you give up your day job to be a professional DJ/producer?

Well I gave up my job because it was my dream, but it didn’t come so fast, it took serious effort and hard work to get where I am now, and I would do it over again if I had to!

What have been the biggest moments (gigs/releases/meetings/moments of revelation)in your career so far?

Playing world wide and getting paid for it! And getting respect from people for my music.

ramon tapia interview strictly rhythms

If you had to choose, DJ or Producer, which would you be and why?

I would say producer. I just love making beats and sounds in any style and Ithink it’s even therapeutic.

What do you do in your spare time – any secret skills, passions or unusual hobbies?

Nothing much, chilling in general, going on vacation, just being home with my girland cats, but spare time is rare lately as I made my job out of my hobby.

Strictly Rhythm has chosen you to mix ‘Strictly Rhythm Vol 6’. How did you linkup with them? How did you decide what was going to be on the album?

I did earlier this year an EP on Strictly Rhythm, Ramon Tapia “This Groove” and it was one of the best selling Strictly Rhythms of the Year, so that’s why the A&R fromSR Seamus Haji thought about asking me, and of course I took the chance with bothhands when he did! To make the track listing and choosing the tracks, I did some research into my old records of SR and of course their huge back catalogue. With the help of friends (MarcoResmann, Dave Brody, Anton Pietee, Delete & Kabale und Liebe) this compilation is full of variation but still Strictly Rhythm!

‘Strictly Rhythms Vol.6’ mixed by Ramon Tapia, is out on 7th December on StrictlyRhythm.

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