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Exclusive – Ineabell Interview

Written by Michael

September 9, 2010 4:33 pm

After a recent collaboration with upcoming producer Beckwith, we were eager to catch up with and find out more about the person who’d added the vocal delights to No Time To Waste. It just so turned out that person happened to be Ineabell, a deeply talented musician, actress and model who has found success across all three areas and her vocal talent is clearly impressive – there can be no doubt that she is one to look out for, now and in the future.

Maxumi: First of all let’s start from the beginning – how did you meet Beckwith?

Ineabell: About 2 years ago, Beckwith and I met through a mutual friend who was also involved in music. Susan is a producer/writer that I was working with at the time. By coincidence Beckwith and her both attended Berklee School of Music and both had backgrounds in dance music. She introduced us and we immediately hit it off and began working together just a week after that.

ineabell interview


M: Had you sung on a record before your collaboration?


I: Before my collaboration with Beckwith I had worked in many different genres of music – mainly dance-pop and pop-rock. At that time I was writing and recording my own records to potentially place them with other artists and producers. At first it was never my intention to be an artist on the records but it ended up being a great foundation and helped me develop me into the artist I wanted to be.


M: You’ve done quite a lot of modeling for a variety of clients including Tommy Hilfiger, Elle Magazine and Nickelodeon. Where do you hope to take your modeling career?


I: To be as thorough as I possibly can, I’d like to take my career as far as I can in all aspects, including modelling. I would hope to use this as an opportunity to expand my self as a performer, entertainer and artist as a whole. Modelling, acting as well as music are a huge part of me and who I am. I would hope to share that and touch many people through what I do.

ineabell interview

M: A lot of young girls and women are looking to pursue careers in acting, modelling and singing, how do you aim to set yourself apart?


I: My approach to this industry as well as on my project is extremely raw. There’s a fine line between living a dream and living the dream. I’ve always followed what both my mind and heart want to do. I always find a way to do what I feel is right. As upfront as it is to say we all know the industry is full of puppets. I say it like it is and I do it like I want to. I’m about the complete package and practicing what you preach. I want to be in the position to influence others through what I’m doing. One point I want to make is that you don’t have to sell your soul to get what you want.


M: You’re currently living in New York, so far as we know, do you think New York really is where dreams are made? Do you think you will ever move away to pursue your career elsewhere? Would you say that being in New York helped you to become successful?


I: I think New York is an amazing place to start a career in entertainment. With so many different people and such cultural diversity you’d almost be crazy to not want to start here. As the saying goes, “if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere”. Being a native New Yorker, I can definitely say we’re a tough crowd. Nothing will ever tear me away from my home but I definitely want to expand and share my art with the world and will travel wherever I need to in order to make the biggest impact. New York plays a fundamental part in the success I’ve had thus far. I don’t think I’d be the same person I am today if New York wasn’t a part of me. I’ll always be grateful to this city.


M: All the different things you do must be a bit of a juggling act. But what do you do in your spare time?


I: I won’t lie and say the life of an up and coming musician is peaches and cream. Its definitely hard work and very time consuming but I always find time for myself. Let’s say…for sanity purposes. In my spare time I really enjoy just relaxing, being with friends, shopping – doing what your average 23 year old likes to do. It’s really important to always devote time to yourself no matter how hard the struggle to the top is.

ineabell interview

M: Which of your careers do you dream most of becoming successful?


I: The #1, and always #1, is music for me. Being blessed with true musical talent is definitely something that should never go to waste. Plenty of blood, sweat and tears have gone into building my skills as a musician, writer and performer in which I will continue to procure. Modeling and acting play both equal and important roles in my career. It means a lot to me to be extremely well rounded in entertainment. One thing always helps out the other.


M: Back to the music, before you collaborated with Beckwith were you already into dance music? What artists and DJs are you a fan of?


I: Before being involved as an artist/writer, I was always into dance music as a listener. The transition was very natural to me to be able to hear sound and write to dance tracks. Dance music was the first music I was introduced to. Some of the very first songs I had written and recorded were dance. Eventually it led way to developing a formula to write pop music as well. Having a favorite artist and DJ is like asking a butcher what kind of meat he likes. But if I had to choose, I’m a fan of DJ’s like: Tiesto, MSTRKRFT, DeadMau5, Larry Tee and Space Cowboy…….and artists such as Katie Perry, Cindi Lauper and Lady Gaga.


M: Can you tell us more about how ‘No Time to Waste’ came about?


I: ‘No Time To Waste’ happened in Park Slop, Brooklyn at about 1am several months ago. Beckwith and I were sitting in the studio for a couple of hours listening to a track he had produced over and over again. As I was listening I began to sing a melody over the track. Beckwith immediately yelled at me to sing it into the mic. From there I began building on those ideas. It just so happens that the 6 bars of music I had sung was the hook. Beckwith and I have an amazing chemistry and understanding of each other when it comes to collaborating.


M: Lastly, can we look forward to more collaborations with Beckwith in the future? Or perhaps with other producers?


I: Absolutely! We have some amazing records in the works as we speak. As both collaborators and friends, I believe that we’ll be doing music for a long time to come. – if not for just our projects then for others as well. As far as other producers I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to work with other musically creative and talented individuals. I’m a huge fan of Will.I.Am (wink wink!)


Catch up with Ineabell on MySpace.

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