Dave Seaman – Lithuania Global Underground 39 – Album Review

Written by Michael

September 6, 2010 5:12 pm

In short: Flawless mixing, insatiable track selection and the progressive nature of the mixes have resulted in an album that is one of the best dance music compilations of the year. Expect Lithuania to receive critical acclaim – it would take something spectacular to eclipse Dave Seaman’s efforts.

Former Mixmag head honcho Dave Seaman returns to the Global Underground franchise after a 9 year absence with Lithuania. GU’s City Series played a pivotal part in the development of the dance music culture in Lithuania, with Dave’s ‘GU016: Cape Town’ mix back in 2000 being credited as the inspiration for what has become a hugely vibrant scene. The track line up already had us drooling before we’d even had a listen, with the likes of Audio Junkies, 16 bit lolitas, Erol Alkan, Boysnoize, Moonbeam, Glenn Morrison, Yousef, Dubfire and Boy 8-Bit all set to launch their oral tyranny upon our ears. As the first CD fires up, straight away you know you’re onto something good when the soft enigmatic vibes of DJ Koze ‘Blume Der Nacht’ c/w James Teej ‘B4 Spring’ enamate from the stereo. The echoey vocals and terrifically slow build up, little squeaks, blips and a soft beat, assure us that we’re in good hands. Underground we certainly are, and the spacious, filled out feel of the music certainly feels Global.

This is “take your time” music but it’s not for the background, it wilfully demands your full attention. The vocals in Mikroboy’s ‘Vom Leben Und Verstehen’ are beautifully foreign, sometimes not having a clue what the jolly they’re on about just adds to the musical appeal. A bit like Opera then, no? Audio Junkies get a double encore with ‘Deeper’ and ‘Chabad’ – and it’s not a bad double salvo either, the tracks blend magnificently, this was deliberate, but also an accident.

Erol Alkan & Boyznoise ‘Avalanche’ (Loop) c/w Jemmy & Aztec ‘Annexe’, this track comes along and livens things up considerably. It hits both sides of you, jabbing at you with its high notes whilst carrying you along with the deep vibes of a soft pad. Alexander Kostruba feat. Max Richter’s ‘What Had They Done?’ is a brilliant little number, a yawning Cello accompanied by soft clicking percussion and streaming dreamy wind samples.

There are so many tracks here we just can’t comment on every one but you can rest assured, the selection here is absolutely masterful. Everyone who knows of Dave Seaman knows already this is a guy who organises his sets deliberately and to the tune of the crowd. He doesn’t play what you want to hear, he seems to instead possess some crazy ability to play what you didn’t know you wanted to hear, but do.

We anticipated a more forward run with CD2 and that’s what we got. Again, the introduction is progressive, this time with the Sasha remix of Yousef’s ‘Come Home’. The sweeps, and simple quiet pads only serve to elevate our anticipation. The crash of a cymbal, and you can only sit still and give your ears to the music. Like we said, this is not background music, despite its progressive nature, it warrants, no – it deserves your full attention. The deep bass lines of  ‘Come Home’ are beautiful, meandering…the solidly constructed beat with its percussion works brilliantly at increasing the level of expectation. But then, this is Sasha remixing Yousef, both in their own right legends.

The tricky part with such a wonderfully judged intro track is what you choose to drop it into. Along come two more legends, Trentmoller and Gui Boratto, Boratto providing the remix duties for ‘Sycamore Feeling’. Again the mixing is sublime, though we really hope that Seaman stuck to his decks instead of mixing software, too many DJs guilty of letting computers do all the hard work. Anyway, Track two is also a great choice, the cutting, edgy samples vocal serves well and the beat this time is more meaningful.

Barry Jamieson & Charlie May ‘Homecoming’ is a highlight track on the second CD, the flicking percussion, slow pads and soft beats filling all voids in the audio membrane .Glenn Morrison’s ‘Under A Pink Cherry Tree’ is another great track, the constant rises and falls teasing you, edging you along, poking you and irking you but in a way that is thoroughly enjoyable. Boy 8-Bit later on makes a well judged and welcome addition to the track listing with the cracking ‘Baltic Pine (Run Hide Survive mix)’, which has been carefully edited by Seaman.

One criticism of Lithuania would be that this is certainly not everyday, every moment listening, you have to be in a particular mood to appreciate what’s going on. This is much like listening to a band like The Editors, sometimes we’d rather listen to music that has a bit more go. However, Dave Seaman has put together a mix CD which brings together some of the finest talent in EDM, the flawless production is effortless throughout and the mixing is just perfect.


Lithuania is out 27th September.




1) DJ Koze ‘Blume Der Nacht’ c/w James Teej ‘B4 Spring’

2) Mikroboy ‘Vom Leben Und Verstehen’

3) Audio Junkies ‘Deeper’

4) Audio Junkies ‘Chabad’

5) 16 Bit Lolitas ‘From the ground up’

6) Fiord ‘Chatterbox (King Unique mix)

7) Javier Logares ‘El Sueno Espanol’

8) Georg Levin ‘Falling Masonry (Stimming mix)

9) Project ‘Understand This Groove’ c/w Minilogue ‘Seconds’ (Max Cooper mix)

10) Erol Alkan & Boyznoise ‘Avalanche’ (Loop) c/w Jemmy & Aztec ‘Annexe’ (Padapella)

11) King Unique ‘2000000 Suns Dub’

12) Alexander Kostruba feat. Max Richter ‘What Had They Done?’

13) Moonbeam ‘Tiger’ (Roland M Dill mix)’

14) Roland M Dill Taurine On A Sunday (Egbert mix)’

15) Glenn Morrison ‘Triangle & Strings (Tom Middleton mix)’


1) Yousef ‘Come Home (Sasha remix)’

2) Trentmoller ‘Sycamore Feeling (Gui Boratto mix)’

3) Fabrice Lig ‘Digital Forest’

4) James Talk ‘Polar’

5) Barry Jamieson & Charlie May ‘Homecoming’

6) Applescal ‘Welcome to the Woods’

7) Glenn Morrison ‘Under A Pink Cherry Tree’

8) Dubfire ‘Rejekt’ c/w Quivver ‘Yeah Yeah’

9) Fusion F & Come T ‘Wonder’ c/w Bomb The Bass feat.The Battle of Land & Sea ‘Up The Mountain’

10) Dave Seaman & Josh Gabriel ‘Vorahnung’

11) Ajello ‘Early Sept (Bocca Grand Reprise)’

12) Peter Horrevorts ‘Bloody Hands’ c/w Solee ‘Jule (Pig & Dan mix)

13) Boy 8 Bit ‘Baltic Pine (Run Hide Survive mix)’ Seaman Re-Edit

14) Carl Craig ‘At Les (Christian Smith mix)’ c/w Spitzer feat. Kid A ‘Too Hard To Breathe (acappella)’

15) Steve Ward ‘The Window Between Us & Them’

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