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August 19, 2010 10:28 am

charlotte narni


She’s not just a DJ, Charlotte has created her own dance troupe, starred in a film alongside Megan Fox and Simon Pegg, and she’s also a successful model. It’s not hard to see how Charlotte has achieved this level of success, at just 25 years old her list of achievements is nothing short of impressive and shows clear drive and determination to succeed, and to not end up stuck in an office 9-5 like most of us. We caught up with Charlotte for a quick chat..

You’re a jack of all trades, with modelling, DJ’ing, dancing, and acting all under your belt. We recently spoke to Tamara Sky who sees her Playboy and lingerie modelling as a back up to her DJ’ing, and Hayley Parsons who gave up modelling altogether to focus on the decks. Can you see yourself making a similar move? Is one of the things you do a priority, and the others a sort of back up?

I love everything I do, I see myself as an all round entertainer but yes DJing is a big part of what I do now. I’m not looking to give up modelling or acting right now now as I love both also!

How long have you been DJ’ing for, and how did you get into it?

I have been DJing in clubs for 3 years, and had decks for a few years and also had my own radio show for a year or so before getting in to club DJing. I’ve always been a music lover really and started off as a dancer and progressed into being a a DJ. My boyfriend is a well known DJ also, so he taught me to mix and helped get me out there along with a few others.

charlotte narni interview

What’s your favourite DJ’ing memory so far?

Now you’re asking! I have been to some amazing places so far DJing, I think playing in Jakata and Bali – the last tour I went on was pretty cool.

How would you describe your style?

I play a mix of Hip Hop/Rnb, Funky Commercial House and Slammin Electro with an urban twist as well as hosting the mic, my high energy and fun performances always get a crowd rocking!

What equipment do you usually use?


Are you in favour of the shift away from vinyl towards digital setups, or are you a traditionalist?

No – all for digital.

You’re part of Headphones & Heels – how has the journey with the other girls been for you so far? Anything coming up we should know about?

The parties I’ve done have been fun, I think we have a residency at the Lightbox in London coming up soon.

the narni shakers


You also set up the dance troupe Narni Shakers, where did the idea come from? Have you girls ever performed in Brighton? (hint, hint!)

Yes we have performed in Brighton many times, and have also promoted our own night at the Beach, back in 2006. The idea started off as 4 friends who loved music and loved to shake their Narnis! It has since turned into one of the biggest and most well known dance outfits around, we have travelled the world and worked for many high profile artists. We also do a DJ show where I DJ and the girls dance and do fire tricks which people love.

You starred in “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” – what was it like hanging out with Simon Pegg? What do you hope the future will bring for your acting career?

Yes I have some other acting bits in the pipeline, Simon Pegg is a cool guy and very funny, had lots of fun shooting that movie.

Who will you, or have already, vote for in the Top 100 DJ poll?

DJ Fabio of course!

Aside from DJ’ing, modelling and acting, do you have any other talents or interests? Maybe you’re a stamp collector…

LOL, I am an animal activist and do a lot of charity work for animals especially Dogs, I recently went on a charity mission to Sri Lanka and worked in a stray dog sanctuary and also headlined a sold out charity gig in aid of the charity in the capital Colombo.

Are you superstitious?

I believe in ‘`what goes around comes around ‘ thats it!

Just to wrap up, what can we expect to come from you in the future? Any big plans?

More acting work and definitely loads more mad DJ travels around the world!!

Thanks Charlotte for talking to us! Don’t forget you can also read an interview with fellow Headphones and Heels DJ Lil Miss Pink by clicking here.

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