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June 19, 2010 9:45 am

Tamara Sky interview

She’s played for Donald Trump at his birthday party and shared the stage with names such as Tiesto, The Crystal Method, Paul Van Dyk, Sander Kleineberg, Kaskade, DJ Skribble, Larry Tee, Peter Bjorn & John and more. Beautiful, talented and iconic Tamara Sky is one DJ heading in one direction and one direction only, to the top. But as she revealed when we caught up with her, despite her recent modelling success, DJ’ing is her true passion and she takes it very seriously.

You grew up in Puerto Rico, has the culture and music style of your home Country had any effect on how you DJ?

Growing up in Puerto Rico with puertorrican parents I listened to salsa, 80’s and disco music. I still love those genres of music. In my teen years I listened to metal, drum&bass and reggae while everyone was listening to reggaeton. I really enjoy music with latin and Disco influences. That’s just a small part of all the music that I love.

How has 2010 been so far for Tamara Sky? What do you hope to achieve by the end of the year?

This year it’s not over and so many great things have happened to me. Every year gets better. I’m always striving for more. Im never completely content with what I do. If I achieve something I’ll be searching for the next thing. I think that’s the key for success. I just won the award of Miami’s Best DJ so I guess that means I’m “da best” for a year (lol!). Also I’ve been working on my own music as a singing artist which I hope to finish by this year. I’m also going to tour Asia for the first time. Currently I started working on an exciting project in conjunction with TheOverthrow(.com) called Pussy Violence (the party). I’m bringing to major cities across the world with headlining female acts/artists that personify Pussy Violence.

How would you describe yourself?

If Madonna, Dita Von Teese had a baby that would be me.

Tamara Sky Interview

You’re living in Miami at the moment, and from the sounds of the WMC and such like Miami is clearly one of the evolving American Cities for dance music and club life, how does it feel to be a part of this? What about Miami do you love the most?

I love living in Miami. WMC 2010 was so much fun. I got to play alongside some of my favorite DJ’s and listen to a lot of DJ’s from all over the world in a matter of days. Miami also has Art Basel, this is my favorite time to be in town. Some of the things I like about MIA are the creative scenes, the winters, the multicultural clashes, and South Beach. Also how open minded and free spirited most people that live here are.

What equipment do you usually use to DJ?

I use Pioneer or Rane mixer, Serato and two techniques 1200’s. For years I use to travel with crates of records.

How would you describe the style of your sets?

It all depends on where I play. But I would describe my set energetic and eclectic.

Who, for you, is the most influential DJ or Producer in the world?

My personal favorite is Giorgio Moroder. He is one of the founders of what we know as Disco. He gave us Donna Summer. He founded the famous “galloping bassline” which today has become a “standard”. He was way ahead of his time. And how could you not love a man who looked like an 80’s porn star!

You’ve also become a successful model and you’ve been in Playboy. Has it been difficult pursuing both careers…or is there one which is a priority to you, and the other just fits in nicely alongside?

I moved to MIA to pursue a modelling career but instead I ended up becoming a DJ and focused on that. I haven’t been pushing modelling at all since djing. My priority is music. Ironically modelling started pursuing me. So I guess what I’m trying to say is I am not an aspiring model I’m just good a it (*wink).

tamara sky interview maxumi magazine

Aside from DJ’ing, do you have any other interesting passions in life?

I love photography so much that I got all the equipment needed to create a photography studio at my place. Some of my favorite photographers are Bruno Dayan, Mario Sorrenti, Jamie Nelson and Terry Richardson. I’m also good enough at graphic design so I use that skill to design my mixx tape covers, stickers, etc. I’m passionate about creating.

You’ve also featured on internet radio – what do you think the role of internet radio is for you personally?

I don’t listen to the commercial radio at all, it has bad music and manufactured by old men in suits, at least that’s how it is in America. It doesn’t stimulate me or educate me in any sense. Internet radio is the opposite. I can find new music and discover new artists.

tamara sky interview

What has been the biggest achievement for Tamara Sky so far?

Getting out of Puerto Rico, stepping out of the box and doing things on my own in a relatively foreign country. I’m proud to be from Puerto Rico but I look back at my home town and the journey it took to get here and all I can do is wipe my forehead. It leaves a permanent taste in my mouth that I can do anything that I want.

What is your dream gig? Where would it be, who would you be playing alongside?

OK you asked for it… My dream gig is to be on the decks next to “insert current favorite dj of the moment here” at the base of the Mayan Temples in 2012 and at that moment I can smile and say “Holy Shit, its the end of the world!”

Can us Europeans look forward to Tamara Sky gracing our scene in the future?

As a matter of fact my management is talking to a couple of european agents to set up an european tour, so stay chooned.

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