Lil Miss Pink

DJ Miss Pink – Exclusive Interview

Written by Maximus Aurelius

June 7, 2010 1:30 am


When did you first spin a tune on a deck?

Summer 2000 I started learning to mix, hanging out with boys with decks made me want to learn! I’ll never forget when I did my first real mix on a set of 1210’s, after that I couldn’t get enough!!

Was it love at first sight?


What music style influenced you the most, any notable producers or DJs?

I started out playing Uk Garage so was massively influenced by DJ EZ, his style of chopping, mashing up and doing tricks really inspired me when I first started out. These days I play more Dirty Vocal Electro so am really loving producers like Wolfgang Gartner, DJs from Mars and Vandalism. Great DJ’s right now for me are Ajax and 2Manydjs.

“I’m really loving producers

like Wolfgang Gartner

What do you think you offer to anyone coming to an event you’re playing that is unique and a reason to see you play?

A Miss Pink set is always a big party!! Music wise, expect some big bassline’s with vocal anthems mixed and mashed together by a bouncy DJ who is loving it!!

What was your favourite ever gig?

I did 2 tours for the fuel girls in 2007 and 2009 and some of those gig’s were pretty hectic!! Also the colosseum in Macedonia is an amazing club, I had a wicked set there once!

Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

DJ all over and turning the world pink!!!

dj miss pink interview

“..expect big basslines with

vocal anthems mixed in

Aside from DJ’ing, do you have any other interesting hobbies or interests?

Just as I started learning to mix I was at uni studying Fashion design, so I have a degree in that! In 2004 My collection was selected to showcase at the graduate fashion show at Battersea Park. The Collection was based around female DJ’s and was called white label and went down a storm!! Since uni I have done a few bits in Fashion but it’s something I think I may try and incorporate with the DJ’ing again at some point!

Have you ever tried a hand at producing? Is it something you maybe hope to do in the future?

Yes definitely! At the moment I am working on some mashups as I’m trying to get to grips with logic but I have been working with another producer and we have a few bit’s in the pipelines, mainly remixes but in the future I will most certainly be heading towards making music.

What equipment and setup do you use when DJ’ing?

I used to be a massive Vinyl freak but I finally gave in and turned towards the CDJs! Most clubs these days don’t even have any decks in them so Its a must for me. I love the Pioneer mixers and at home I use Serato.


Lil Miss Pink

How do you organise your tracks? A to Z? By Genre? Or even by key?

Usually a-z but I do sometimes use folders with bundles of similar tunes, my cd case I take around has so many tunes in there, I usually stick about 8 or 9 on each disc.

Whats your favourite place to be in the world? Does it start with “B”?

Hmmmm!?? My Favourite place in the world is Maroubra Beach in Sydney! I spent a whole year out there and it’s absolutely stunning! I love the way of life in Sydney but the music scene is definitely better here in the UK!!

We were hoping you’d say Brighton!

Lil Miss Pink


“My Favourite place in the world

is Maroubra Beach In Sydney!

Lastly, do you have any hints or tips for anyone hoping to come through as a DJ?

Just practise as much as you can, hang out with other DJs and musicians who inspire you and promote yourself HARD!!! These days there’s so many talented DJ’s out there, you have to make yourself known in clubs and online!

Check out Miss Pinks latest mix “Electro Mix” below. Expect to be taken on a journey through some classic tracks mashed up with electro beats. And thank you Miss Pink for talking to us! You can check out Miss Pink on MySpace, Facebook and Soundcloud. Miss Pink is part of the Girl-DJ collective “Headphones and Heels” – check them out here.

DJ Miss Pink Electro Express

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