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Exclusive: Sariah Interview

Written by Michael

May 31, 2010 4:05 pm

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Thank you for answering our questions, and we hope they’re a little bit more interesting than your standard interview! When did you first know you wanted to sing and create music?

Thank you for asking your questions!

I knew when I was very young, in Kindergarten in fact! I have loved music since before I can even remember.  Singing is such a wonderful form of expression and I caught the bug at a very young age.  I began singing on the stage in musicals and in high school began taking pop vocal lessons.  As soon as I finished high school I moved to New York to work with great producers and writers to pursue my music and my education.

How did you develop your style? Were there any major influences for you?

It took me a long time to develop my own style.  I had to find the right shoe that fit for all of the right reasons. I began much more Pop/R&B and found that though most of the ballads were appropriate to my passion, the up-tempo material was not.  As I started to listen to more Dance Pop and found great influences such as Chris Willis, BT, David Guetta, and Robyn, I began writing with producers who had more of a dance influence.  By putting these pieces together, I finally found my style and I couldn’t be happier!


Is there anyone in the world you have the greatest amount of admiration for?

There are so many people I admire. Most of all, I admire my parents.  They have been such great teachers, supporters, and role models for me.  Their work ethic and intelligence inspire me to always want more and follow my dreams.  They have never given up and neither will I.  Nothing can stop me!

What has been the biggest challenge in attempting to break through?

This is a great question.  The biggest challenge in breaking through has been finishing my undergraduate education while pursuing my dreams.  I am so thankful to say that I finally graduated last week!  It was a major accomplishment.


Tell us something about you that your fans would be surprised to know – e.g. any strange hobbies, unusual fetishes, obsessions etc!

I am a neat freak!  I always need to be really organized and always need my schedule with me at all times.  Even when I travel, my hotel rooms have to be neat and tidy before I leave for an event or a show.  Most people don’t care to be tidy, but for me it is all a part of the preparation process!

Do you have any plans to come over to the UK, maybe do a tour?

Oh yes!  I cannot wait to come to the UK.  I want to perform for everyone and have been in rehearsal with my choreographers for these past two weeks.  I am really looking forward to sharing what we have been working on with everyone.

How did you decide upon the image and style you use? How would you describe it, and did anything in particular inspire it?

I am the Queen of Hearts.  This imaging and style came from my childhood nickname, “Queenie.”  It was a name that came from my family.  As I grew older, I became in love with love!  My passion for romance grew as I did.  I also fell in love with nightlife and found that my two passions came together as one to create the Queen of Hearts.  It is so natural and true for me, so I knew it was right!


What was your childhood ambition?

As cheesy as it may sound, my childhood ambition was always to be on the stage: singing, dancing, and acting.  I am lucky to be able to follow my dreams everyday!

If a male fan had a major crush on you, what could he do to genuinely impress you into exchanging phone numbers? (We’re not implying anything here!)

I love this question!  Well, honesty is key.  He just needs to be real and be honest!  Of course, I love roses, French vanilla candles, and champagne. I love making new friends!

What is going to be the next big thing for Sariah? Is there an album in the works, or an EP?

In the next six to eight weeks, my EP will be available everywhere, including iTunes!  I can’t wait for everyone to hear what records we are working on! Thank you so much for this interview!  I look forward to coming to the UK soon!

Thank you too Sariah for your time!

Check Sariah out at:

Sariah will be performing at Boston Pride, alongside CeCe Peniston and Kristine W on June 12th.

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