Maxumi’s Top 10 Summer Anthems

Written by Maximus Aurelius

April 25, 2010 6:21 pm

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Glorious sunshine, packed beaches, tunes and good times are here for 2010 and down here in Brighton we’re very much looking forward to a party-filled Summer. But what should you be listening to? We’ve hand picked a small selection of our favourite summer tunes. Some we have chosen to evoke memories of the past, some are more recent or even unreleased. There’s probably thousands of Summer tunes out there, but these are some of the best! Have a listen and tell us what you think.


10. Way Out West – The Gift

Does chillout come much better than this? Probably not, and when you’re relaxing in bed, in the sun or even on the beach after a heavy night, nothing will quite soothe the senses like this little bit of luxury from the Way Out West boys. It’s old, and they’re not really boys, but The Gift is still a cracking tune to send the shivers down your spine.

9. Yves Larock – Rise Up

Almost certainly the defining tune of Summer 2007, Rise Up became one of the biggest anthems of recent years. The uplifting lyrics and eclectic beat got people on the dance floors in their droves. Sadly Yves Larock hasn’t since been able to emulate the same reaction, but he does continue to produce and hopefully something will come up in the next few years from the talented Swiss.

8. Groove Armada –  But I Feel Good

If you’re not such a massive fan of chillout and feel something more uplifting is better fitting as a summer tune, then maybe you don’t need to look any further. This isn’t Groove Armada’s finest tune, but the brilliant lyrics and the bursting trumpets will have you dragging your sore feet back to the after party…

7. Hoxton Whores – Pop The Lights

Funky house at it’s best? We think so, and we’re sure you’ll agree. The vocals aren’t the cheese that besieges so many house tracks, and the synths are funky and uplifting. We saw Hoxton Whores in 2007 and they were brilliant DJs too.

6. Rene Amesz & Peter Gelderblom – Snap (Chris Lake & Micky Slim Remix)

Nope, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this tune is a collaboration between four of the finest house and electro producers of recent years. Despite the saying “Too Many Cooks Spoils the Broth”, in this case too many cooks has resulted in an organic wild lobster dish served by Gordon Ramsay – this music is fine dining. Funky, bursting with rhythm and smeared with class, this is a definite summer classic.

chris lake tocadisco interview

5. Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso – Its True

Do we like cheese? We do, love the stuff. Sure, it gives us strange nightmares but that’s not so bad. Oh…you mean cheesey music? Gotcha. The original “It’s True” is a classic cheesey house track, but it got away with it because it was good cheese. Go on, don those hotpants and fluffy legwarmers and “go mental”. We know you want to.

4. Chase & Status – Take Me Away

The very title tells you everything you need to know, this is Drum & Bass’ equivalent of Euphoric Trance. This is all about absolutely, 100%, forgetting everything except the moment. Do it, and do it again.

3. DJ Antoine – This Time (Klaas Remix)

Klaas applies his now atypical electro synth production to a DJ Antoine classic. The vocals are accompanied by a guitar riff. This is all out electro tunage.

2. Mat Zo – Synapse Dynamics

A Summer tunes list wouldn’t be complete without a dash of genius from the hugely talented 20 year old trance producer. Already banging out more hits then you’ve had Ministry of Sound Annuals, Mat Zo is not just one to watch for, but one to know about right now. The future looks promising and we’ve got no doubts that this Summer the Zo Meister will unleash another cracking Summer Anthem. For us, Synapse Dynamics is his best yet. Genius stuff.

1. Sasha & Emerson – Scorchio

Ah, progressive house. For Maxumi, this is most likely the finest progressive track of all time. It is incredibly timeless, it has never sounded dated. The guitar melody is one of the most spine tingling moments any clubber can experience, and nothing comes closer to being the perfect Summer tune then this. Absolutely sublime.

What are your favourite Summer anthems? Comment below and let us know.


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