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January 7, 2010 11:27 am

An EDM podcast pioneer and a well-known name in Canada and the world of Trance, DJ XTC is perhaps best known for his podcast “Global Trance Sessions”. An estimated 3 1/2 million listeners have since downloaded and tuned in as a result of his debut podcast, and a further 500,000 from the June 2005 “house” podcast with former Ministry of Sound, Love Inc, and Pirate Radio DJ Iron Mike. It’s since DJ XTC first started podcasting that the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Above and Beyond and Ferry Corsten have seen to follow suit. Offering a chance for fans to catch up on the latest in Trance and Progressive without having to tune into a show at a particular point, these podcasts have now become a fundamental link between fans and DJs. We decided for the first interview for the site, it’d be great to catch up with DJ XTC and ask a few questions.

Q: When did you first get into being a DJ, how did it come about?

A: In Canada during the 90’s we had a huge radio and club DJ that many of us used to listen to religiously. That was Chris Sheppard, and his Pirate Radio Broadcasts which broadcasted on several EDM Electronic Dance Music) stations in Toronto. Back than, in Canada he was very similar in status to us Canadians as Armin Van Buuren is now globally with ASOT. He was the DJ to listen to at the time, and also owned a Canadian Trance/Dance Group called BKS which went on to win several Juno awards. That sparked the interest in radio and dance music with me.

My last years of high school I ended up working in High School Radio, and started spinning our high school dances. From there I ended up working at a Radio Station in Waterloo, Ontario where I co-hosted the stations EDM show in the middle of the night. We did extremely well and eventually had our time spot moved to prime time Friday nights. A lot of our charts were featured in Industry magazines and publications and were also faxed to Much Music in Canada for consideration in their EDM show Electric Circus. Around this time we started to get industry contacts and offered up guest sets for industry DJ’s, and a few local label reps. One of our regular guests worked with Chris Sheppard before as a DJ, and also worked at one of the clubs Sheppard did his live to airs from. We actually learned a lot of how to spin from this guy, his name is DJ Stress.

I must have spent hours on the turntables in the production studio at the station to practice when I first started. After about a year at this station I enrolled in a broadcasting course at Niagara College, and was the on campus DJ for our on Campus Night Club which was my first job as a DJ, as well as on the air at the college radio station. From there I kind of expanded more into the club scene in Niagara Falls, and Hamilton Canada in various clubs and bars, parties, and than in 2005 started in online radio, and mixing online sets. My April 2005 set did extremely well online, and was shared by millions.

Q: Whats your favourite piece of equipment?

A: Technic 1200 series Turntables

Q: Who in the dance music industry commands the most amount of respect from you?

A: I would have to say those that give back to industry, and who inspire new talent to create and innovate.

Q: Is there a track you’d generally consider to be your all time favourite?

A: BKS – Living in Ecstasy :)

Q: What do you think the future holds for podcasts and digital radio, and dance music in general?

A: Tough question since there is a lot going on right now in Music in the digital realm in general. What I think will happen is that you’ll start to see the traditional media and ad’s moving toward the Internet and treating the net as a medium like Radio and TV. I think with podcasts/digital radio we’ll start to see more of them run like Community and Public Radio stations are run in the US and Canada, and they will be able to start generating a lot more income as the ad market moves off of traditional media to online. Which is excellent news for those DJ’s/Artists in EDM with podcasts, because they already have a head start. Most DJ’s/Artists in our Genre have their own podcasts, and online shows.

In EDM we push a lot of technological innovation in music into the music industry as a whole. I think in the future EDM will expand a lot more globally beacuse of this, especially with the digital revolution coming to an end in the near future. The EDM industry is a head of the game compared to other genres, due to our resilience to adapt to market changes and find ways to profit from them without pissing our fans off.

You can check out DJ XTCs podcasts here: Global Trance Sessions

Check him out on Twitter: DJ XTC

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